10 key concepts of the SEO strategy

In this new blog post we are going to highlight 10 key concepts of SEO strategy. Search Engine Optimization has become essential when it comes to ranking as high as possible on the web. Specifically, on the Google search results page, through the desired keywords.

Let’s see what these 10 key concepts of SEO positioning strategy are.

10 conceptos clave de la estrategia de posicionamiento SEO
10 key concepts of the SEO strategy

Title tags

They refer to the so-called “H1” tags, SEO titles or, generally, page titles in a blog, website or content.


This is the way to define the content summary for search engine bots and audience. If the website is WordPress, no coding is required.


They are those that users use to search in search engines. Logically, it is vital to refine a lot with them, as they are decisive.

Keyword density

This is a ratio that defines the number of times a particular keyword has been used in the content or publication in question. It should not be higher than 1 or 2% or it will be considered as spam.

Internal links

This means links on the website or blog itself that we can add in the content of posts can provide more value. The ideal is to include at least 1 internal link in each post. This way we can link posts with related content.

External links

Similarly, it is advisable to add at least one link to a third party website. A minimum of 1 link is needed for better ranking.


Managing to have links from our own website or aggregated posts on other high authority sites is great. This way, you can get more referral traffic and better SEO performance.

Broken links

Links added to website posts or content or those web pages that no longer work or are removed are called broken links.
We should try to avoid links that do not work, i.e. not having a 404 error (page not found).

Site Map

This element is key to explain to search engines how the website is structured. That is to say, it includes the construction data of the website on all pages and contents. It is very useful for bots to find the correct information.

Robotic text

This is something really important. Basically, it exposes to Google and other crawlers what to list for users and what not to list.

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