4 key actions to transform your personal brand: Fears

Third post in the new series on 4 key actions to transform your personal brand. Fears.

Fear is not the enemy, although we almost always consider it to be. What if you stop seeing it as such and start seeing it as a powerful motivator?

This powerful primary emotion keeps us safe and protects our emotions. But its true strength lies in being a driver toward those accomplishments we would otherwise disregard.

When fear strikes, our sympathetic nervous system kicks into action, triggering several reactions in our system. Blood pressure rises, as does heart rate and respiration. If all this happens, there is a reason. Our body is wise and prepares us.

All this prepares us to fight or flee. If fear controls us, danger appears. This leads us to mechanisms of self-criticism and shame. Fear should be our advisor, not our master. But the goal is not to eliminate fear, but to control it.

4 acciones clave para transformar tu marca personal
4 key actions to transform your personal brand

4 key actions to transform your personal brand: Fears

Some good tips for managing fear are:

  • Identify your goals and recognize what fear tells you about achieving them.
  • Detect what triggers your fear, the physical symptoms it causes and your reactions.
  • Avoidance hinders risk assessment and blocks learning experiences.
  • Do not criticize or repress your fear, embrace it, respect and compassion help you to take care of yourself.
  • Reflect on your life, observe important events and consider patterns and themes. This will help you evaluate the influence of fear in a more unbiased way.

In the next and final post in the series, we will look at the fourth action: Truth.

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