5 mental skills that critical thinking brings to your mind

Today I bring you a very interesting post in which we are going to discover 5 mental skills that critical thinking brings you.

Critical thinking is an essential soft skill in today’s competitive environment. Most people never learn to think critically and that’s worrying. This skill involves logical analysis and understanding the links between concepts. As such, it is critical to success.

Here are 5 critical thinking skills that no one ever teaches us.

5 habilidades mentales que te aporta el pensamiento crítico
5 mental skills that critical thinking brings to your mind

Pattern recognition

Helps to identify commonalities between people, events and scenarios. This is key to identify situations and act accordingly.

Reverse engineering

A concept that blows my mind. It involves reversing the future situation and trying to induce, backwards, to determine the steps needed to get to that place.


In this case, we are talking about analyzing scattered facts to deduce why and how certain outcomes may have occurred. The detective plane is a tool that always provides valuable inputs.


Understanding cause and effect is essential to determine the consequences of actions on a consistent basis. This skill enables productive decision making and avoidance of undesirable outcomes.


Another aspect I love. As much as possible, trying to sort through information on a daily basis, keeping what is relevant and discarding what is not, can help us tremendously. This allows us to focus on what matters, boosting the efficiency of the brain.

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