8 artificial intelligence tools for research (part 1)

In this new blog post and the next one we are going to discover 8 artificial intelligence tools for research (part 1). In the marketing environment, research plays a fundamental role that we must cover in order to do impeccable work.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 artificial intelligence tools for research below.


AI-powered competitive research and analysis. Automates competitor analysis, from tracking real-time price changes to analyzing feature development. This tool does not require data science skills.

Link: https://www.opinly.ai/


It is an AI co-pilot that transforms documents, notes and conversations into quotes, shareable content and a searchable database. It allows you to extract information from what has been written, read and said. In addition, it extracts quotes from readings and conversations to suggest ideas for creating original content. Also, it provides specific answers based on selected research collections. Finally, it extracts and summarizes key points, action steps and follow-ups from Zoom calls, making it easy to stay on track and prepare for upcoming meetings.

Link: https://heyday.xyz/

Inteligencia artificial: la palabra del año 2022 según FundéuRAE
8 artificial intelligence tools for research (part 1)


It is a text editor with artificial intelligence technology that offers intelligent and contextual assistance to improve your research and writing process.

It offers queries based on the latest research from databases such as Pubmed and Crossref, as well as your own PDF files. You can create a paragraph that enhances your chosen text. In addition, a chatbot can analyze and understand complex academic articles.

Link: https://wisio.app/


Generate fact-based reports on any topic. Use more than 100,000 external sources to generate high-quality, fact-based documents. Optionally, you can include your own documents.

Offers full control over which files to use to generate content. Just type a simple search query for a topic and the platform takes care of the rest. Receive everything you want (data, news, facts, insights, and more) in your inbox. In addition, you can specify a format for the documents.

Link: https://silatus.com/

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