8 artificial intelligence tools for research (part 2)

In this new blog post we continue with the content of the previous post, about 8 artificial intelligence tools for research (part 2). In the marketing environment, research plays a fundamental role that we must cover in order to do impeccable work.

Let’s take a look at the following 4 artificial intelligence tools for research.


This platform analyzes research papers at breakneck speed. It automates time-consuming research tasks such as summarizing articles, extracting data and synthesizing your findings. It works by asking a research question and pulls a list of relevant articles from a database of 200 million.

Link: https://elicit.com/


It is a tool that helps you learn from YouTube videos. Saves time on long videos and allows you to get key insights instantly. Capture the essence of any video in seconds in over 40 languages. Easily navigate through videos using summarized paragraphs with timestamps. Summaries can be shared.

Link: https://eightify.app/

Inteligencia artificial: la palabra del año 2022 según FundéuRAE
8 artificial intelligence tools for research (part 2)


Helps B2B sellers build better relationships with buyers and save time on preparation work throughout the sales cycle.

Automatically identifies and communicates with accounts that are considering a solution with relevant and customized scope. Instantly maps prospects’ challenges and strategic initiatives to proprietary solutions.

Link: https://www.aomni.com/


It is a search engine powered by artificial intelligence to obtain information on research papers. Undoubtedly, another tool with high productivity.

It allows searching among 200 million scientific articles without having to match keywords. All results are linked to real studies, citing the sources. Uses GPT4 and other LLMs to summarize results.

Link: https://consensus.app/

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