8 key tips that define Millennials generation

The Millennials generation represents those born between the early 80’s and mid 90’s and early 2000’s (although there is no general consensus). In this new blog post we are going to highlight 8 key tips that define the Millennials generation.

They tend to be characterized by a set of core values that differentiate them from previous generations. These acquired values are due to technological advances, economic fluctuations and the social and political environment in which they grew up.

Below, we will define the 8 key tips associated with Millennials:


Millennials tend to value genuine and authentic interactions, both in their personal relationships and in their interactions with a brand.

Work-life balance

Relative to previous generations, perhaps with more emphasis on professional success, Millennials tend to prioritize this balance. They value flexibility, such as telecommuting and flexible schedules, to spend their time with those they love.

8 tips clave que definen a la generación Millennials
8 key tips that define Millennials generation

Ethics and social responsibility

They tend to be conscious consumers who prefer to interact with brands that demonstrate social responsibility. They are more likely to support companies with sustainable practices, ethical labor standards and contribute positively to society.

Technologically savvy

Having grown up in the midst of the Internet and digital technology explosion, they embrace this innovation as much as possible. They are comfortable using technology in any aspect, be it shopping, entertainment, finance and so many other areas.

Value of experiences

They tend to value experiences more than material possessions. They are more likely to invest in travel, dining and cultural experiences, seeking products and services that offer added experiential value.


Being accustomed to the personalized nature of digital services, members of this generation tend to expect propositions that meet their individual preferences and needs.

Collaboration and community

Millennials value collaboration and show interest in sharing ideas and working together. They appreciate brands that foster a sense of community and engage with them in meaningful ways.

Diversity and inclusion

Finally, this generation stands out for being more open-minded in general. They tend to accept diversity in all its forms, whether cultural, racial or sexual orientation, among others. They expect this value to be reflected in the spaces where they work and in the brands they support.

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