Cabreiroá, the first compostable and biodegradable water bottle

Cabreiroá has always been an eye-catching brand of mineral water. Now it is even more so, as it has just launched the first 100% compostable and biodegradable water bottle. All of this with vegetable origin, facilitating that its decomposition does not cause waste or release harmful substances to the environment.

Innovation. That concept that I like so much. That word that transmits so much. Being the first in something makes you unique. In this sense, the brand gives a very important impulse towards such a necessary approach as zero waste. With this market proposal, there will be a reduction in the impact of packaging compared to those made with traditional materials.

Cabreiroá projects an innovative spirit with this sustainable commitment

The bottle is created with PLA, a bio-based polymer originating from sugar cane. The degradation of this material does not generate waste. Cabreiroá assures that it has unique characteristics of biodegradability and compostability. Therefore, it states that it degrades in less than 90 days, provided it goes through an industrial composting process under optimum temperature and humidity conditions.

Another aspect to note are the bottle labels, which are composed of the same material. They are therefore also biodegradable and compostable. But that’s not all, as the brand uses organic pigments and sustainable inks without substances that harm the environment.

To carry out the tests and validations, the project has been supported by the Instituto Tecnológico del Embalaje, Transporte y Logística (ITENE). The introduction of the bottle on the market will be slow and progressive.

Cabreiroá, la primera botella de agua compostable y biodegradable
Cabreiroá, the first compostable and biodegradable water bottle

The development of this product is part of Cabreiroá’s positive impact strategy, in which one of its focuses is to improve the sustainability of its packaging. This compostable bottle is part of Cabreiroà’s “Origen Project”. Its mission is to generate positive impact on the environment with initiatives that promote an efficient use of resources, circular economy and the action of society.

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