How to design an elevator pitch (part 3)

In the previous post we saw the second part of how to design an elevator pitch (part 3), with the problem or need statement. In this third part, we will talk about how to propose a solution.

This is another decisive phase, always with the idea of keeping the audience’s attention. We have a lot at stake, since we will be progressively approaching the moment of truth.

Next we will talk about some tips for an impactful approach. Keep in mind that all of them are optional and you don’t have to follow all of them, but only those that are adapted to your specific situation.

Present your solution

Introduce your product or service as the ideal solution to the problem described.

Describe the key features and benefits your proposal offers.

Emphasize how your solution improves the customer’s life and solves their needs.

Demonstrate value

Support your proposal with data, statistics or concrete examples.

Show how your product or service has been successful in similar cases.

Offer testimonials from satisfied customers to build trust.

Cómo diseñar un elevator pitch
How to design an elevator pitch (part 3)

Call to action

Invite the audience to take a specific action, such as visiting your website, requesting a free trial or making a purchase.

Make the action clear, easy to perform and attractive to the customer.



“Many older adults feel lonely and isolated, which can affect their physical and mental health.”


“Our online platform offers social and educational activities for older adults to connect with people their age and interests.”


“More than 10,000 users have experienced an improvement in their emotional and social well-being thanks to our platform.”

In the next post, part 4, we will look at how to state our value proposition to move forward in the elevator pitch. In it, we will see in more detail some characteristics of this phase.

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