LOCÖ, the seductive and exquisite EVOO

When I look for unique products, I need to find a trilogy of essential elements. If all 3 are met, it means that I am in front of the sublime. Today I have one of them as a protagonist, unique and singular, special and incomparable. It is Locö, the seductive and exquisite EVOO that makes the world fall in love.

The trilogy of elements I was telling you about is as follows. First, its name must be evocative, meaningful, with a storytelling that triggers the imagination at first sight. Second, that it is dressed with an impeccable presence (continent), so much so that it suggests that you can’t pass without having it and trying it. Third, that its content exceeds the expectations you have before trying it.

Una propuesta sugerente y exquisita en forma de AOVE
A suggestive and exquisite proposal in the shape of EVOO

LOCÖ, a powerfully attractive name, with essence and provocation

Its naming is preceded by an immense emotional charge. The love and care with which it has been created, the love of life, nature, the olive grove and its land of origin, Andalusia. At the same time, this extends to its sensory capacity, capable of revolutionizing the palate in an intense explosion.

But there is more to the name. Its creator, Reyes García, trained in Germany, plays with the Germanic word that contains the name LOCÖ in its root. That is the reason for the particular umlaut on the last Ö which, in addition, together with the L at the beginning forms the word ÖL (oil in German).

La trilogía de LOCÖ: Picual, Royal y Lucio
LOCÖ trilogy: Picual, Royal and Lucio

Packaging to match: love at first sight for a product

Reyes García decided to create this eye-catching project in a sector that is far from easy. As I always tell you in this blog, there are moments in our lives where we find those clues that make us seize the opportunity or not. In marketing, we call it insight.

In the middle of the pandemic, when the world came to a standstill and after a few months of reflection, Reyes discovered that the agri-food sector was still growing. Even in a crisis like that, premium experiences didn’t stop.

To give shape to it all, he was inspired by a perfume to create an edible, premium Andalusian elixir to create an extrasensory experience. With this objective in mind, every detail counts in this “dress” that I mentioned at the beginning. The truth is that the LOCÖ packaging is spectacular, very much at the height of its content.

Relating this second part of the trilogy with the first, the name, we can see something very interesting. In addition to always reminding us of this madness we have lived through that we will never forget, it is a well-known and easy-to-remember word. Almost 90% of international customers can interpret it perfectly. Precisely, a niche market to which it is very focused.

Una grata experiencia para regalar a quien valora lo especial
A pleasant experience to give as a gift to those who value what is special

Face to face with the final EVOO experience

The moment of truth arrives, when after the expectation comes the desire to taste something special. This extra virgin olive oil has 3 varieties of limited edition and early harvest. The product comes from olive groves with a great respect for biodiversity and an elaboration process that looks back to yesteryear.

Los nuevos y coquetos envases de 250 ml de Picual, Royal y Lucio
The new and cute 250 ml bottles of Picual, Royal and Lucio

LOCÖ Picual (origin Linares), Royal (Designation of Origin Sierra de Cazorla) and Lucio (origin Granada), are exclusive EVOOs produced in Jaén, ideal to share, give as a gift and enjoy. Royal and Picual are the result of a careful selection and care of the olive trees, their fruit and the elaboration process. Lucio, on the other hand, is a new variety, with an elegant and different olive, bitter and at the same time with a sweet touch of sweetness.

It is noteworthy that, in the case of Picual, its olive grove is part of a world-leading biodiversity conservation project. Specifically, the European LIFE project “Living Olive Groves”.

As for the Royal variety, the brand’s flagship, it has the Sierra de Cazorla Denomination of Origin distinction. It has a surprising subtlety combined with its great aromatic power.

LOCÖ Experiences, the art of enjoyment

Reyes García and his team never stop creating experiences based on their exceptional product. Extrasensory tastings where the 5 senses come into play in the olive grove itself. But also in private homes, in restaurants, in gourmet stores, in local spaces and enclaves in Andalusia, Madrid, etc. They carry them out in different languages, with mimetized and personalized elements and components in harmony with their concept.

Un mundo de experiencias con epicentro en un AOVE premium
A world of experiences centered on a premium EVOO

My first tip is to go to their website and discover the LOCÖ Emotions, personalized packs to really enjoy. As a gift for someone you want to drive crazy, it’s a real barbarity.

Discover options in the online store: click here.

Also, I invite you to follow their Instagram channel (click here), where you can see all their news.

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