OX Delivers 4×4 courier services for hard-to-reach environments

Those of us who live in accessible areas do not realize how difficult it is for other people to receive any type of product. Faced with this problem, fantastic ideas like this one arise. I present OX Delivers, a 4×4 courier service for rural environments that are difficult to access.

We traveled to a country like Rwanda, where less than a quarter of the roads are paved. Because of this, the difficulty of transporting goods to many hard-to-reach places is extreme. But, as I always say, when there is a threat, there is an opportunity. Since 2020, a new 4X4 courier company, called OX Delivers, has specialized in hard-to-reach rural environments.

OX Delivers, mensajería 4x4 para entornos rurales de difícil acceso
OX Delivers 4×4 courier services for hard-to-reach environments

OX Delivers has a large fleet of special off-road vehicles for the transport and delivery of goods in rural environments

Thanks to a mobile app, people can pay for an affordable delivery service capable of reaching really challenging locations. Therein lies its outstanding competitive advantage.

OX Delivers vehicles also have a clean and environmentally friendly courier service. This is due to the use of high-powered electric motors, designed to carry up to two tons of goods. These special vehicles are capable of traveling around 150 kilometers per day.

So, while the population is waiting for the country to increase the number of paved roads, OX Delivers is providing an essential service. Surely this business model is absolutely exportable and applicable in many other areas of the world that suffer from this problem.

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