Pre-suasion: How to prepare the ground for success

Have you ever wanted to have a subtle but powerful edge in your daily interactions? If the answer is yes, then you need to know the revolutionary concept of “Pre-suasion” by renowned psychologist and author Robert Cialdini.

Imagine being able to influence people’s decisions before they even face the choice. That is exactly what “pre-suasion” seeks to achieve. Unlike traditional persuasion, which focuses on the act of convincing at the moment of the decision, pre-suasion focuses on what happens before. It’s about preparing the ground, creating the right context so that your message is received in the most favorable way possible.

Pre-suasión: Cómo preparar el terreno hacia el éxito
Pre-suasion: How to prepare the ground for success

Cialdini, es autor de “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”

In this case, in his work “Pre-suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade”, the author reveals how small actions and adjustments in the environment can have a significant impact on people’s receptivity. The key is to establish a “prime moment” before presenting your message, a moment when the audience is most willing to accept your ideas.

The beauty of pre-suasion is that it is applicable in almost any context. Here are some practical strategies:

Prepare the environment

Before an important meeting, adjust the environment to support your message. If you want to inspire collaboration, use images or words that evoke teamwork.

Establish authority

Make sure your audience senses your competition before you start talking. This can be through testimonials, diplomas, or simply making sure your initial presentation reflects your achievements.

Create positive expectations

Before presenting an idea, use phrases that prepare your audience for a positive experience. Saying something like, “What you’re about to hear can change your perspective in a very beneficial way” can predispose people to be more receptive.

Use the framing effect

The way you present information can make all the difference. Frame your proposals by highlighting the benefits and minimizing potential drawbacks.

Ultimately, this concept is a powerful tool that, when used ethically, can amplify your influencing and persuasion skills in surprising ways. It is not about manipulation, but about preparing the ground so that your message is received in the best possible way. Therefore, the next time you are faced with a situation where you need to persuade, remember: success is not only in what you say, but in how you prepare your audience to receive it.

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