Prism of brand identity as a branding tool

If you like good strategy tools, here I bring you a really interesting one. Meet the brand identity prism as a branding tool. A brand identity prism is an analogy about how the brand’s DNA should be. It is an approach that helps define and understand what a brand stands for, as well as being a powerful way to communicate it to the world.

The brand identity prism is made up of six dimensions. Each is like a piece of the puzzle that makes up the brand’s personality. This concept was created by Jean-Noël Kapferer, a French professor and marketing expert, in the late 1980s. It was a way to help companies better understand and define their brand identities.

Kapferer’s innovative thinking recognized that a brand is not just about a logo or a product. It goes far beyond this: it is about emotions, values and the relationship between the brand and its audience. Since then, this prism has become a fundamental tool in the field of marketing and branding.

Prisma de la identidad de marca como herramienta de branding
Prism of brand identity as a branding tool

Brand identity prism dimensions


Refers to the tangible aspect of the brand: logo, colors and design.


The brand must have its own unique personality, as if it were a person: is it friendly, serious, adventurous,…?


What values and beliefs does the brand have? This dimension explores the internal culture of the brand and what it stands for.


Brands build relationships with their audience. This dimension analyzes how the brand interacts with it and the emotional connection it creates.


How do customers feel when they use the brand? This dimension explores the mirror effect, where the brand reflects the identity of its audience.


Finally, this dimension reflects how the brand perceives itself. It is the ideal image that the brand strives to maintain.

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