Sustainable design marketing: A case study

This research article, entitled “Marketing of sustainable design: A case study” is part of Notebook 128 of the Center for Studies in Design and Communication of the University of Palermo (Buenos Aires).

This notebook is based on the field of Intellectual Property, design and sustainability. It was published in 2021 by the Faculty of Design and Communication of the University of Palermo, in strategic alliance with the Faculty of Law of the University of Salamanca. Its aims are focused on research and contribute to raising awareness of the importance of intellectual property rights of designers and the need for their protection through different mechanisms.

The article is written together with Paco Lorente. It is based on a model of analysis of the initial situation of the rural territory covered by the Manchuela Designation of Origin in Spain. A wine organization that covers a total of 38 producing wineries.

The objective is to generate a visual identity under a sustainable marketing strategy, which will create cohesion and a high sense of belonging

It refers to the rootedness of different insights detected in the study carried out to build a value proposition. This must project the ideal competitive advantage to transmit to the market as a global support for the origin of the wine of the territory.

Sustainability criteria associated with current market trends must be worked into this concept. The key is that these criteria help the brand to project a fresh, current and solid image, aligned with the values of a consumer who is looking for environmentally friendly products.

The methodology followed is detailed in the following steps:

  1. Internal analysis (Initial situation report)
  2. External analysis (Initial situation report)
  3. Situation diagnosis
  4. Definition of objectives
  5. Strategy design

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