Results come with commitment and patience

Tenth and last entry in the new series of posts in which we expose 10 powerful formulas that will change the way you think. This time, another strong proposal: Results come with commitment and patience.

Expecting results by relying on external factors is called a lottery. And you know how difficult it is to win the lottery. It can happen, it is just a probability, but its reactive and passive component makes this option unfeasible.

On the other hand, expecting results by relying on internal factors is called commitment. This attitude is closely aligned with another fundamental aspect we call patience. If we work well, if we follow a purpose, if we overcome procrastination and focus on a goal, results will come. But patience is necessary.

Patience, of course, naturally causes impatience. Even more so in today’s age of immediacy. So when you suffer from impatience, evaluate whether you are doing the right thing from the point of view of internal factors. Think about whether you are giving it your all and whether you are focused.

Cultura del esfuerzo y autocompromiso para la marca personal
Results come with commitment and patience

Results come with commitment and patience

Commitment is a fundamental rule that never fails. But it has a major handicap. Committing to yourself is very difficult. No one, other than yourself, forces you to do anything. Therefore, you need an extra dose of will, attitude, belief or faith.

Define and pursue that purpose that makes you feel good, that helps you bring value beyond yourself and be aware of it. Having this type of stimulus is vital to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. Remember, commitment and patience are an indissoluble form that, if followed to the letter, will lead you to a good port.

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