S-CURVE strategic model: concept and utilities

This time I bring you a very interesting marketing tool. It is the S-CURVE strategic model, of which we will see its concept and utilities.

Developing and executing a successful strategy is a fundamental aspect for any brand. Time moves on and environments change, so having a strategic model that provides reliability is essential.

There are many fundamental pillars that we must take into account today. Among them, we can highlight the following:

  • understanding the competitive environment
  • competitive advantage
  • strategic positioning
  • agility and adaptability
  • innovation and disruption
  • alignment and execution
  • customer centric
  • data-driven decision making
  • continuous learning
  • feedback loops

The S-CURVE model is the result of a meticulous analysis of strategic evolution. It aims to provide a comprehensive approach aligned to the needs of today’s world.

Modelo estratégico S-CURVE: concepto y utilidades
S-CURVE strategic model: concept and utilities

Variables included in the S-CURVE model

The 5 variables included in this model are:

C: Culture by purpose

Aspirational priorities (pyramid). This is a fundamental part of the model. It points out that culture is the spearhead of the strategy, while purpose is the entity that shapes it.

U: Revealing the landscape

Refers to the positioning approach. It refers to growing with growing capabilities. The approach can be assigned to totally uncharted territory where no one has played before.

A: Reused differentiation

Discusses the selection of the activity system. It focuses on the type and level of activities selected to create, maximize, capture and communicate value for all stakeholders.

V: Value-driven competencies

Focused on an enabling organization, which aligns competencies with the value-creating activity system and the entity’s capability. Seeks to ensure that capabilities are leveraged, developed and evolved appropriately.

E: Efficient resource management

Finally, we refer to the ability to evolve resources and their strategic allocation according to the market positioning approach. We also refer to the capabilities required for value creation.

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