Starbucks case (part 2): Lessons from its brand strategy

Did you read the previous post where we started with the Starbucks Case? We continue with part 2 of the lessons of their brand strategy. We know their coffee is good, of course. But what’s really good is the way they make you feel.

Starbucks is a coffee shop, but if you ask any of its loyal customers, they probably won’t talk much about the product. That is, their coffee. In other words, it is a type of customer who does not buy products, but rather consumes experiences.

This implies that the taste of Starbucks coffee may only last a few minutes, but the way it is experienced during that time remains much longer. Undoubtedly, the brand is focused on the customer experience.

From brewing personalised coffee with your name on it, to a comfortable environment, friendly employees and a unique aesthetic, it all adds up. The goal is to generate satisfaction when visiting any of the brand’s shops. By the way, if employees misspell your name, it’s probably done “on purpose”, as it’s a lighthearted way to viralise content on a daily basis.

Caso Starbucks: Lecciones de su estrategia de marca
Starbucks case: Lessons from its brand strategy

Starbucks has been able to create a community in its fullest expression

The Starbucks community is nothing more than everyone who works with and for Starbucks. All its partners and employees can expect fair compensation for the work they do. The brand values many human and social aspects in this regard.

They know that it is their baristas and shop employees who interact the most with customers. For this reason, they take care of their training around the values promulgated by the brand.

But the community is also made up of customers, who see their points of sale as pleasant places to spend time, whether working or leisurely, while enjoying a coffee.

For many, the brand is part of their lifestyle and this is fundamental for the brand to take care of every touch point on a daily basis.

If you want to know more about Starbucks and discover its market segmentation strategy and audience profile, I invite you to read the following post.

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