The Book and Beer Club, a very suggestive subscription model

Suggestive proposal in sight! The digital world opens up a huge range of possibilities like this one. This is The Book and Beer Club, a very suggestive subscription model. A combination of books and beer for lovers of both worlds that offers this interesting pack on a regular basis.

Let’s look for the origin of the project through that concept that I always highlight: the insight. Four friends, beer and book lovers, had to refrain from going to bars during the pandemic (like almost everyone). Those places to socialize moved to their own homes, where books were one of the interesting leisure elements.

With a simple combination, books + beer, this idea was born in the form of a subscription model. We can associate this combination to the thinking model offered by the productive innovation-generating creativity technique called lateral marketing.

The Book and Beer Club, un modelo de suscripción muy sugerente
The Book and Beer Club, a very suggestive subscription model

The Book And Beer Club offers a monthly fee in exchange for a pack that is sent to your home

As we already know, the subscription-based business model involves receiving a shipment at your usual place of delivery. In this case, the box you receive on a monthly basis is a box with a selection of books and beers.

There are several types of boxes available. Among them, the classic box costs approximately $25. It includes a set of 6 craft beers and a book. On the other hand, the basic box includes 3 beers and a book, at a price of 15 dollars.

Although the project was born as an idea in the midst of confinement, sales have kept rising. For this reason, it continues to be a firm bet. From my point of view, the idea is very good and, moreover, mutable. That is to say, we can think of other types of evolutions of the combination. For example, books and wine. Or beer and puzzles.

I think the key to the survival of this business proposal lies in diversification. However, there is a handicap. Its name is The Book and Beer Club, which apparently restricts the combined offer to these two areas, books and beer.

Therefore, a growth variant could be to amplify both concepts by different or rare types. Another variant, could be to try to take this brand to a kind of “umbrella brand” that would give coverage to other variants with other types of products under sub-brands.

Well, I leave you to think. But at least, it is interesting and very interesting.

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