The Good Cup, the foldable coffee cup without plastic lid

All unique products are based on a good insight. The Good Cup, the collapsible coffee cup without a plastic lid, is based on a shocking fact. Every year, 500 billion disposable cups end up in landfills, generating an unsustainable waste load for the environment.

Although paper cups appear to be an environmentally friendly alternative, the fact is that most of them incorporate a plastic laminate that acts as a sealant. This is undoubtedly a factor to be taken into account, as it hinders the recycling process. In addition, many paper cups are often accompanied by plastic lids. These lids are usually made of polypropylene or polystyrene, which are petroleum derivatives and therefore also difficult to recycle.

All these inputs lead to a damaging cycle in which companies opt for the production of new lids instead of recycling existing ones, as it is more profitable. Therefore, this cycle, far from solving the problem, perpetuates the plastic waste crisis.

The Good Cup, the collapsible coffee cup without a plastic lid

The Good Cup is a completely sustainable coffee cup

Conceived in Hong Kong, this innovative proposal has an integrated lid made exclusively from renewable materials. Among them, sugar cane waste. This feature not only makes it fully recyclable, but also compostable, marking a milestone in the fight against plastic pollution.

In addition, this unique and pioneering sustainable cup folds prodigiously, saving space during storage. At the same time, it manages to reduce the carbon footprint associated with its transportation. With a production capacity of over one billion units per year, The Good Cup is not only looking to change the way we consume coffee. It also aims to license its innovative design to local manufacturers, thus avoiding long transport times and encouraging the global adoption of more sustainable practices.

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