Top books about new marketing trends (part 1)

I have compiled in this new mini-series of 5 posts a total of 10 top books on new marketing trends (part 1). A discipline as lively as marketing never ceases to surprise us and that is reflected, among other things, in good books.

Libros top sobre nuevas tendencias de marketing
Top books about new marketing trends (part 1)

Let’s take a look at the first two recommended books on new marketing trends.

Trust signals, Scott Baradell

Trust signals are points of evidence that people, companies and brands use to establish trust with their audience. For example, an author can demonstrate their trust signal through various means, such as a relevant biography. Another way would be with reviews from well-known people on Amazon or good comments from followers on social networks. Also, coverage in reference media. These signals to the potential reader that the author is trustworthy.

In the post-truth world, where trust is highly valued, mastering these types of signals is key. In this way, you can build, grow and safeguard a brand’s reputation. As people become increasingly skeptical of brand claims, having strong trust signals helps differentiate a brand from the competition.

Scott Baradell provides interesting insights and strategies for generating trust signals and establishing credibility. He does this through a comprehensive framework called the “Growing with Trust” system.

Marketing as if we were human, Sarah Santacroce

This marketing book is focused on those who want to be authentic and successful in their business. It brings a radical approach, with a roadmap for connecting with customers, applying heart-centered selling and employing the power of vulnerability when marketing.

Sarah has structured 3 transformative phases to revolutionize the traditional P’s of marketing. In addition, she poses questions, compelling stories and powerful self-reflection.

The book shows steps that focus on how to show up as your true self. Also on how to partner with customers and not pressure them to buy. Sarah Santacroce urges entrepreneurs to take the “less is more” approach, avoid becoming overwhelmed and enjoy inspiring businesses aligned with their truths.

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