Top books about new marketing trends (part 2)

Second entry in the mini-series of 5 posts with a total of 10 top books on new marketing trends (part 2). A discipline as lively as marketing never ceases to surprise us and this is reflected, among other things, in good books.

Libros top sobre nuevas tendencias de marketing
Top books about new marketing trends

Let’s take a look at two other proposals for recommended books on new marketing trends.

Selling from your comfort zone, Stacey Hall

Many salespeople believe that stepping out of your comfort zone and compromising your values when selling is the right way to do things. However, Stacy Hall proposes a different message. The author believes that the comfort zone can be a power zone for generating sales, satisfaction and success.

This fashion marketing book transposes the aggressive and spammy tactics that many marketers use. Instead, it proposes how they can give quality meaning to their role. Stacey Hall lays out how to stay aligned with your calling, with yourself and with what you are selling. She also highlights how to be aligned with what you are telling customers.

If you are aligned to your personality and core values, you will achieve more confidence, energy and spirit to achieve goals, thus increasing the chances of success. In addition, the author also provides an alignment marketing formula for flexibility, resilience and creating safe boundaries.

The Practice, Seth Godin

Creative work is never guaranteed to work. However, there is a pattern between those who succeed and those who don’t. Staying consistent in your pursuit is the best way to propel yourself forward.

The Practice is a book with ideas on how to get unstuck and gain the courage to create and share creative work. Seth Godin makes the case that writer’s block is simply a myth and that consistency is more important than authenticity. He proposes that those who experience imposter syndrome only prove how well-adjusted they are.

In addition, it shows creators what it takes to change passion from a private distraction to a valuable contribution, primarily what they seek to share. Using the guidance of this marketing book, we can discover how to deal with fear and take worthwhile risks, adopting the empathy necessary to create original works.

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