Whirli, toy sharing subscription model

The economy of ownership has been losing weight in recent years in favor of the economy of use. Today I present a new example of this. This is Whirli, a toy sharing subscription model.

Toys are one of the best-selling products and, many of them, of little use. With this interesting and decisive insight, an English entrepreneur named Nigel Phan launched the interesting project. Under the objective of helping to slow down mass consumption, this business idea also proposes something very striking.

The degree of novelty provided by a subscription model, in this case with new toys every month, allows children to always have expectations. This, indirectly, allows them to get away from the screens and develop their creativity to the maximum thanks to the toys.

Whirli, modelo de suscripción de intercambio de juguetes
Whirli, toy sharing subscription model

The exchange of toys triggers the desire to share

But, as if that were not enough, we can also extract another great goodness from Whirli. The project harnesses the power of sharing to teach children through play. On the other hand, parents can save money and consume in a much more sustainable way.

The service proposed by Whirli is based on the rental of toys to minimize household clutter and waste in the environment. To sign up, all you have to do is choose a monthly subscription plan that suits your needs. Once done, you can have more than a thousand toys for different stages of children’s development.

If they get bored with the toys, you can return them or exchange them for others. But if someone has fallen in love with a particular toy, you can compare it at a very affordable price. At the moment Whirli operates in the UK, but doesn’t it seem like a very replicable business idea in other countries? Sure you do!

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