Winning Foods, the gastronomic LEGO

There are countless examples of unique products that have a presence on the blog that come from the Netherlands. In this creative country I have found a project called the gastronomic LEGO called Winning Foods.

This innovative market proposal is redefining the culinary experience at home with a very suggestive and creative proposal. The project was born in 2020 and its purpose is to become the equivalent of LEGO in the gastronomic world. Its solution is truly innovative and practical for meal preparation.

Winning Foods has an offer of 16 frozen ingredients, which come prepared in bags. Its aspiration is to change the habits of people who cook and enjoy food. With the support of an intuitive app, users can choose from different dishes and follow detailed instructions to combine the various ingredients in a simple way.

Winning Foods, el LEGO gastronómico
Winning Foods, the gastronomic LEGO

Winning Foods proposes a unique alphanumeric coding system for each ingredient block

This particular system is designed to facilitate the preparation process. The letters in the code represent one of four basic categories of ingredients. These are: B for bases or sauces, V for vegetables, C for carbohydrates, and P for proteins.

For example, a dish may require a particular combination of building blocks, such as 2 cups of a B3 base, 1 cup of C1 cereal, 2 cups of a V4 vegetable mix, and 1 cup of P2 chicken protein. In this way, a complete and balanced meal would be prepared. As we can see, the creative combination technique is the key to the project.

This methodology allows for efficient preparation. But, in addition, it also promotes creative thinking in the kitchen, motivating users to explore more than 75 recipes available in the app. Winning Foods maintains the assortment of 16 essential elements that are complemented by basic pantry ingredients. Therefore, with oils, spices and wraps, home chefs can let their imaginations run wild to create truly amazing dishes.

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