How I create content ideas every day

Many of you regularly ask me how I manage to create content ideas every day. 10 years of daily writing (and counting) is a lot. I don’t think even I am aware of it. And, obviously, to create content on a daily basis, you must follow certain patterns that nurture the path.

In this post I’m going to talk about some of them, in a transversal way, so that they can help you if you consider it. Everything is very homemade, I have not followed nor do I follow an established order nor do I follow specific techniques in this case. However, we will do it from two areas: spontaneity and provocation.


It is when it comes out of the blue, when I don’t expect it, when it crosses my path. That is, when it just happens.

The notebook of ideas

It is true that thanks to my work, my mind does not stop still. Even if I don’t want it to and I’m not aware of it, the brain keeps working and, when it feels like it, it spits out ideas. If those ideas make sense, make you tingle and make you think or even extrapolate to other ideas, write it down immediately! If you don’t, you’ll forget it 99% of the time. Writing them down is pure gold, I tell you from experience. Notebook of ideas now (there’s no excuse, you can always write a note or create an audio on your cell phone).

Change route

A classic. Do not go to the same place always in the same place. Perception changes and, therefore, so do the insights you receive. It’s nothing banal, but something simple, fresh and constructive.

Conversation with audacity

Stop, at any time, and strike up a random conversation with the person you have nearby, whether known or unknown. You may be surprised at what you get. Pure encouragement. Choose without fear.

Simply look around you

No matter how much you think you have seen it all, there is always something that has remained invisible to your eyes. Remember the phrase from “The Little Prince”.

Cómo logro crear ideas de contenido todos los días
How I create content ideas every day


It is when I want it to come up, I need it and I look for the way to get clues as soon as possible. You have to try not to be obsessed, but have the belief that by provoking you will find it.

Listening to podcasts

An inexhaustible source of insights, especially when you take advantage of valley moments. What are valley moments? When you are driving, when you are walking, when you are doing a task (only if you are multitask), when… you set the moment. Of course, try not to let this influence your relationship with the people around you, so you can give them the attention they deserve.

Reading books

As obvious as it may seem, we read fewer and fewer books. Read anything, even subjects that you don’t feel like reading or that don’t excite you. Books contain a special magic: behind them, there are people who have invested time of their lives writing for others.


I know it may seem like a pure contradiction, but as it happens to me, I’ll tell you about it. The practice of mindfulness is supposed to help you meditate, relax and connect with your inner self. But, in my case, whenever I practice it I always end up getting ideas that, in addition, always have very intense shades of freshness.

Creative warm-up techniques

Rory’s Story Cubes (the wonderful story cubes), with which to create random stories or Black / White Stories (the great riddle game in the form of cards), are pure creative stimulus where ideas flow from the challenges they propose.


People do. People say. What people perceive… what happens and their concrete reasons or incomprehensible reasons. It’s a pure trigger of ideas, exaggerated provocation whenever I go around this network.

There is much more, but I would be too many days writing in that post. I invite you to share with me some of your moves to create content ideas, they will be very welcome!

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