Market Research Tools and Resources (3)

Third entry of the mini series of posts in which we are highlighting different and useful tools and resources for market research (3). A fundamental area in the performance of any brand towards success. Making informed decisions based on solid data is, without a doubt, something unavoidable and necessary.

In these 3 posts we present an extensive list of very practical tools and resources for market research. In this one, in particular, we will see 7 new platforms that help us in a multitude of fronts full of productivity for this field of action. Market research is much easier and more enjoyable with these types of resources.


It’s perfect for quick, real-time feedback. Add a widget to your website, blog or landing page to evaluate customer feedback and make last minute adjustments.

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Provides expert insight into consumer and retail intelligence. It predicts product launch performance and conducts consumer opinion surveys, making it a valuable partner for established companies.

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Simplify keyword and content research, helping to identify competitors and market demand. Find out what questions your audience is asking and turn them into valuable content.

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Pew Research Center

It offers in-depth research on a variety of topics, including politics, digital media and social trends. Its interactive articles allow you to explore data for specific information.

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Herramientas y recursos para investigación de mercados
Market Research Tools and Resources


Tracks online conversations and provides insights into audience sentiment. Find out when and how people are talking about a product and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

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Connect with a representative sample of respondents, streamlining the survey process and ensuring data accuracy.

Qualtrics simplifies the process of finding respondents through an online sample service, accessing a representative sample for research.

Link: clic aquí


Enables in-depth market research across multiple channels. Easily create surveys, segment audiences and analyze feedback.

Facilitates targeted surveys across multiple channels, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the audience.

Link: clic aquí

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