Pre-university challenge at school: Advanced Seminars

This research article, entitled “Pre-university challenge at school: Advanced Seminars” is part of the report of the IV International Symposium IMAT 2017 promoted by ESIC Valencia. Colegio Diocesano Santo Domingo in collaboration with the business school ESIC Marketing & Business School has been developing since the 2015/16 academic year an innovative, exclusive and unique project called Advanced Seminars.

With this project the center aims to provide students with training connected to the realities of the market and the needs of the company. The objective is to offer extracurricular training in marketing aligned with the school’s Educational Project.

These courses, taught by ESIC postgraduate professors, are attended by students, alumni, parents and teachers of the center. In the first two editions of these courses, more than 60 students were able to accredit their training with ESIC.

Ultimately, the purpose of the program is to get students and professionals. Based on genuinely Christian virtues and from a very early age, they are provided with the best marketing tools. This is ideal to be able to successfully face all personal and professional challenges.

Pre-university challenge at school

Working with ESIC in the design and implementation of the Advanced Seminars program has been very enriching. The excellent professional quality, but above all the excellent human quality of the members of this entity, has allowed us to live positive and constructive experiences. The high degree of satisfaction in the surveys is proof of this.

We are convinced that these university experiences in pre-university students develop in them a much more complete and accurate vision of reality. In addition, they contribute to the improvement of personal and professional skills and foster a critical, proactive and resilient attitude in students. This is key for them to be able to solve the challenges they may face in the future.

The students are aware of the role that the company has to play as a social, human and economic backbone agent in the immediate environment in which it is located. That is why, from the beginning, the projects have assumed corporate social responsibility as a characteristic feature of all of them.

These projects are a reflection of the permanent ethical and social commitment that a company and an educational center should have. With these initiatives we grow together by making a strong commitment to an integral education that seeks the personal excellence of the students.

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