Why the business and financial press is salmon-colored

I am sure that, like me, you have wondered why the economic and financial press is salmon-colored. Below, we will explain the reasons for this curious mode of expression in this type of press.

The famous and iconic British Financial Times was the pioneer in using this characteristic salmon color. Since then, by extension, it has become a generic term used to identify the media specialized in economics and finance. We can see it in print, traditionally, but also in digital channels.

Why the business and financial press is salmon-colored

An unmistakable identifier of the economic and financial press, the salmon paper

This type of paper began to be used in 1893, five years after the Financial Times was founded. To celebrate the anniversary, the well-known newspaper has created an animated video highlighting the reasons for the change. In addition, the video extols its news principles and brand identity.

A work entitled “Pink”. The creative development has been in charge of the agency Orange Panther Collective. The production was developed by the British production company Partizan, in collaboration with the French animation studio H5.

It is remarkable as aesthetic the video, which is inspired by collages and scrapbooking. During the course of the video, the story of why the salmon-colored paper is used is told. Specifically, everything is based on the acquisition of a batch of paper made with red china clay. This, instead of being washed, was used as it was, by decision of the newspaper’s managers.

Thus, an element of high differentiation with respect to other newspapers was born, which has undoubtedly marked the identity of this and other newspapers since then. By the way, the fact of not washing was catalogued a posteriori as a very “sustainable” decision.

As you can see, there are “brands that mark” and, in this case, Financial Times marked a whole era that has reached our days intact. Achieving this type of milestone is not easy and at a strategic level it is a very commendable action.

Photo & vídeo credit: FT

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